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About Us

We are an Australian company (proprietary limited) that works across each state and territory, as well as internationally, with cultural heritage. Our strength is in the area of movable cultural heritage, often simply called 'collections'.

The founder and Director is Veronica Bullock. Her foundation Associate was Roslyn Russell. A number of other highly qualified and experienced Associates have affiliated with Significance International since its establishment late in 2010.

Significance International now brings together a wide range of skills and knowledge in the heritage fields of archives appraisal, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, built heritage, collections management, conservation science, conservation planning and management, cultural landscapes, education and training, history, Indigenous rock art and site management, interpretation and communication, military history, military objects and collections, risk assessment and management, significance assessment, and transport history and collections. They each have extensive experience in project delivery and report writing.

What Significance International offerED from 2010

At launch in September 2010 our business centred on two themes:

  • collection assessments of significance and preservation needs and the application of significance and preservation needs assessments to collection management and development purposes
  • training in several approaches to collections

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Significance International OFFERINGS FROM 2011 

Beginning in 2011 we expanded our service base to include:

  • advice on strategic planning for collections by organisation, location, region, state / territory, nation
  • thematic and typological surveys of collections across regions
  • facilitation of 'collections mapping'
  • 'sustainability indicators'  for collecting organisations [1]
  • independent research tasks in and about the field of cultural heritage

These last three areas of work could be regarded as extensions of some foundations laid by the Collections Council of Australia (CCA). [2] As Development Officer, Veronica researched and prepared many concepts / research questions for CCA information and policy papers and projects, as well as for graduate student investigations.

Report and submission writing from the perspective of a single Australian 'collections sector', for instance to a range of government reviews and enquiries, was one of the unique contributions made by the CCA from 2005. 

At Significance International our combined experience in the field of cultural heritage, both in Australia and internationally, means we can accept research commissions of many types, both large and small. Each of us also has good working relationships with a diverse group of professional colleagues with whom we can collaborate to bring complementary skill and knowledge sets to research tasks.

Significance International offerings from 2013

The Significance International Associates base expanded substantially in 2013, while preserving our movable cultural heritage strength. This expansion allows us to seek work in allied heritage areas, which appear to generate more opportunities.

As reported in our News Items movable cultural heritage work has been less well supported than place-based and natural heritage in Australia since 2010. This is due to a lack of movable cultural heritage legislation in Australia, departmental rearrangements, terms of reference for large heritage inquiries e.g. 2011 Australia State of the Environment Report, and some strain on funding resources.

As mentioned above the following capabilities are now offered by Significance International:

Archival appraisal
Anthropology Archaeology
Built heritage
Collections Management
Conservation Science
Conservation Planning and Management
Cultural Landscapes
Education and Training
Historical research and writing
Indigenous rock art / site management

Interpretation and Communication

Military history
Military objects and collections
Risk Assessment
Significance Assessment
Heritage Tourism
Transport history and collections

We are delighted to announce that we also now have dedicated project management capability in Margaret Birtley, former CEO of the Collections Council of Australia. Welcome Margaret!

[1] For an introduction to sustainability indicators see E. Adams, 2009, Towards Sustainability Indicators for Museums in Australia’ [download], Collections Council of Australia and the University of Adelaide, Adelaide.
[2] Collections Council of Australia. See various listings under the ‘Projects’ and ‘Resources’ menu tabs. NB This site is now archived.
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      Veronica Bullock is the Director
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