Significance International works with expert colleagues to deliver its full range of services. They include:

Eve Almond, museum project manager and interpreter, with specialist botanical expertise

Margaret Birtley, heritage communicator and project manager

Meredith Blake, collection management and digitisation advisor

Suzanne Bravery, curator, museum manager and educator

Michael K. Cecil, military historian and curator

Helen Cooke, historic and Indigenous archaeologist and heritage advisor

Cathy Day, anthropologist with a military background and extensive project management experience

Bruce Ford, conservation scientist specialising in Indigenous rock art and site management, and collection risk assessment

Andrew Grant, transport history and collections specialist

Nicholas Hall, archaeologist specialising in Indigenous rock art conservation and heritage interpretation, tourism and management

Vicki Humphrey, materials conservator specialising in risk management

Susan Marsden, historian and interpreter

Duncan Marshall, heritage architect specialising in conservation planning and management

Kim Morris, materials conservation and exhibition services

Charles Pickett, social history curator and author

Roslyn Russell, historian, co-author of the Significance publications

Ken Taylor, landscape architect specialising in cultural landscapes

Megan Treharne, maritime and riverine collections specialist

Kimberley Webber, social history curator and exhibitions project manager

Meredith Wilson, historic and Indigenous archaeologist specialising in Indigenous rock art and site management, and cultural landscapes

      Jim Gordon photographing equipment

         Associate Jim Gordon photographs
         small equipment in the Telstra
         Heritage Collection, Melbourne,