Meredith Wilson Significance International Associate

Meredith Wilson

Meredith Wilson is an archaeologist who specialises in the documentation, analysis and management of rock art sites and cultural landscapes.

Since completing doctoral research in 2002, Meredith has led and assisted large projects in rock art research, interpretation and training. In Australia this has included an ongoing rock art project in Namadji National Park (the Australian Alps national park closest to national capital Canberra), which delivered a Conservation Management Plan and training in the monitoring and maintenance of rock art sites for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Rangers, and members of the regional Aboriginal community. Consultations with the Willandra World Heritage Lakes community (Mungo National Park) led to the development of a Management Plan, a 'Keeping Place' Feasibility Study, and an employment strategy.

Meredith has also conducted statistical studies of Australian rock art, for example in the Keep River National Park, Northern Territory, and rock art dating. Other Australian field areas familiar to Meredith include North Queensland, Wollemi National Park and the Blue Mountains (both in New South Wales), and Central Australia. She has been variously engaged by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous employers, and by government and private organisations, including Aboriginal Land Councils and the Australian Museum in Sydney, Australia.

Funds received through the Australian Research Council and the World Heritage Fund have been for important a great range of Pacific Island and Pacific Rim projects, arguably crowned by her leading role in securing World Heritage Site listing for Chief Roi Mata's Domain cultural landscape in her doctoral research area, Vanuatu. 

Meredith is an experienced teacher and tutor in several cultural heritage fields at universities, including the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra. She has also trained AusAID Youth Ambassadors (Australia's overseas aid program) and been a Visiting Fellow at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), ANU (Canberra, Australia), and Cambridge University in England. Meredith has a considerable publication record, with three articles currently in press. She has published in such revered journals as Antiquity, World Archaeology and Oceania; her work has been reported in New Scientist and Time, Australia. Research themes include Indigenous cultural heritage management and conservation, World Heritage and cultural landscapes, theory in the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, cultural heritage, cultural tourism, and fine art.

In 2008 Meredith joined with fellow Significance International Associate Nicholas Hall in the establishment of Stepwise Heritage and Tourism.Together with other colleagues they have developed the innovative 'Stepping Stones' approach to heritage interpretation, consultation and development.