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Roslyn Russell

Roslyn Russell is a historian, editor and museum curator, who holds a Master of Arts Honours degree in History from the University of Sydney (1988) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science (Cultural Heritage Management) from the University of Canberra (1995). She was awarded a PhD by the University of New South Wales in 2011.

Her involvement with collection assessment goes back to the mid-1990s,
when she was Roslyn inspecting a significant bookone of the authors of the first General Guidelines to Safeguard Documentary Heritage for UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme for the preservation of documentary heritage of world significance. From 1998 to 2001 she worked with the Heritage Collections Council and co-authors Kylie Winkworth and Dr Linda Young on developing the first version of a manual to guide the assessment of movable heritage collections in museums and art galleries, published in 2001 as [significance]: a guide to assessing the significance of cultural heritage objects and collections [.pdf download 2.5MB].

From 2000 to 2006 Roslyn also acted as a consultant to the Community Heritage Grants Program administered by the National Library of Australia. This included judging applications to the Program which contain estimations of national significance. She has also carried out significance assessments under the Community Heritage Grants program for the Adventist Heritage Centre, Cooranbong, NSW (2007) and Port Macquarie Historical Society, NSW (2009). Roslyn has presented significance assessment workshops for collections managers from volunteer-run museums in Museums Australia's Lachlan Chapter's 'Working Spaces' program since 2007.

                                              Roslyn is co-author, with Kylie Winkworth, of Significance 2.0: a guide to assessing the significance of collections, Roslyn (right) conducting a significance assessmentwas developed by the Collections Council of Australia and published in 2009, and is now copyright to the Commonwealth of Australia 2010. This is an expanded version of the 2001 work, and includes material on collections in libraries and archives as well as museums. She is also the author, co-author and editor of a number of other books on Australia's history and heritage.

Roslyn is Chair of the UNESCO Australian Memory of the World Committee. In 2005 she was appointed to the International Advisory Committee of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, serving as its elected chair from 2009-2013. Between 2005-2009 Roslyn also chaired the IAC Register Sub-Committee and recently began a three-year term on the IAC's newly established Education and Research Sub-Committee (SCEaR). Roslyn has conducted Memory of the World workshops around Australia, in South Korea, Barbados and Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, and in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In 2013 Roslyn was invited to join the Advisory Committee of the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery.

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At upper right: Roslyn with Mr Hosseini, Cultural Deputy, Malek National Library and Museum, Tehran, Iran, 2009, for the UNESCO Memory of the World Program. At lower left: Roslyn with Anne Ouds, Port Macquarie Historical Museum, Australia, 2009, conducting a significance assessment