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Sustainable Collections Workshops

One of the aims of Significance International is to raise awareness and improve implementation of certain approaches to the understanding and management of collections.

As an efficient way of realising this aim we are offering 2 - 5 day workshops in significance assessment, risk assessment and other aspects of collections management, under the banner of ‘Sustainable Collections'.

Our first two-day workshop, on significance assessment, was held on 10-11 November in Canberra, Australia. This workshop was for those who wanted to learn more about approaching history through objects and collections. The aim of this workshop was to better equip participants to prepare ‘significance assessments’ for collecting organisations. 

We are pleased to report that the Significance Assessment Workshop #1 was a resounding success - we received very positive evaluations of the workshop from each attendee. Click here for a report on this workshop.

Our second two-day workshop, Risk Management for Collecting Organisations, was held on 10-11 February 2011. Click here for a report on this workshop.

For notification of upcoming workshops drop a line to us at Contact Us, or 'Request a Workshop' at your location.

       Associate Euan McGillivray examining
       the still images of the Telstra Heritage
       Collection, Melbourne, Australia.


Participants discuss a challenging issue at a Risk Management Workshop