"Significance International (SI) has been working with Heritage Telstra since 2014. The research into significance undertaken during this period has established the Telstra Heritage Collection as a historical telecommunications collection of national significance. Currently, Heritage Telstra is using this significance to champion the Telstra executive in a bid to secure the long-term future of The Collection to promote the Telstra brand and for the posterity of all Australians.

The significance work by SI has also helped establish tools and processes for improving the management of The Collection. This has, and will continue to facilitate more professional collection management that strives to meet museum industry best practice. In addition, this significance work has enhanced, and will continue to enhance, the quality of information about the thousands of items in The Collection. This information stimulates interest from a diverse cross-section of the community including school students, researchers, the telecommunications industry and its veterans, Defence, the entertainment industry, as well as international visitors."

Nicolas Buff
Business Analyst
Major Projects and Project Management