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Friday, January 30, 2015

A new classification of U.S. Army Reserve Officer (38G) is being created in the wake of extended engagements with Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to better address activity which damages or destroys cultural property. Tasks include improved advance planning to avoid certain areas of conflict zones and the cultural heritage training of regular recruits.

Former U.S. Blue Shield Committee Convenor Corine Wegener and now Cultural Heritage Preservation Officer at the Smithsonian Institution points out that the U.S. military doesn't have the same choice of specialists it had during the Monuments Men and Women time of WWII, with the entire force now at only 1% of the American population.

Click here to read 'Wanted: A new generation of Monuments Men for the US Army' by Helen Stoilas in Issue 265 of The Art Newspaper (February 2015)

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