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Your key to sustainable collections

Significance International helps organisations manage their heritage attributes for the long-term.

Whether items and places are historical or contemporary, we can assist by assessing for significance and / or preservation needs, and by proposing appropriate management strategies. These approaches enable more accurate characterisations of collections and places, thereby helping organisations towards targeted collection and site development / rationalisation goals.

At launch in September 2010 our regional, national and international services included:

  • significance assessment of items and collections
  • preservation needs assessment of collections
  • training in significance assessment
  • training in risk assessment
  • strategic planning for collections by organisation, location, region, state/territory, nation
  • collection development advice
  • thematic and typological surveys of collections
  • investigation of your specific cultural heritage research questions

In 2011 and 2013 our offerings expanded into a wide range of place-based and Indigenous heritage services, delivered by an impressive range of SI Associates.

Significance International also prepares submissions to public consultations on behalf of the Australian collections sector and tracks major Australian Government grant schemes for evidence of inclusion of heritage and collections. These contributions are usually announced on our News page. Click here to see a compilation of these efforts to date.

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We offer Significance Assessment and Risk Management workshops. Request one here.

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