SI submissions, commentaries and grant results

Significance International makes submissions to national consultations which relate to cultural heritage in Australia, and analyses the resulting documents.

From 2011 to 2015 we also analysed the results of the National Competitive Grant Program (NCGP) of the Australian Research Council twice yearly. This is the main government body to fund university research in Australia. This analysis was discontinued by 2016, due mainly to restructuring of the NCGP. Please see our news item about this: SI cuts ARC grant analyses. In 2012 and 2013 we also assessed the proportion of funding from the short-lived place-based heritage 'Your Community Heritage Grant Program' for the funding portion awarded to Australian object and collection investigation and celebration. 

We present this compilation of all our submissions, commentaries and analysis in this one location, for your ease of access.


Significance International submissions to inquiries and subsequent commentaries, as per news items (downloads of under 1MB are provided where available)

SI Comments on the Australian Heritage Strategy: 30 June 2016: Australia's inaugural Heritage Strategy begs and Australian Heritage Policy [pdf download]

SI Comments on Borders of Culture: Review of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 Final Report 2015: 7 December 2015: When is four not enough?...Not yet [pdf download]

Review of the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986: 21 July 2015 If you care for Australia's objects...[pdf download]

Upcoming Review of the PMCH Act 1986: 5 January 2015 If the term 'Control List' means anything to you...

Draft Australian Heritage Strategy Consultation: 22 May 2014 Have your say by June 9 [pdf download]

Green Army outcome: 11 April 2014 Australia's 'Green Army' gets going

Green Army proposal: 24 January 2014 Speak up for heritage in the Green Army [pdf download]

Second round Australian Heritage Strategy Consultation: 15 January 2014 Another bite at heritage strategy for Australia [pdf download]

Burra Charter Review outcome: 2 December 2013 Report: Burra Charter Review

Burra Charter Review: 6 July 2013 Get your skates on for the Burra Charter Review

Australian Cultural Policy outcome: 28 May 2013 Australia takes an 'arts turn' [pdf download]

Australian Heritage Strategy feedback: 15 October 2012 Heritage Strategy Feedback

Australian Heritage Strategy Consultation: 3 June 2012 Have your say by June 15 [pdf download]

Australian Government National Research Priorities Consultation: 21 February 2012: Refresh with HASS by March 5 [pdf download]

Australian Cultural Policy Consultation: 11 September 2011: Have your say in Australia's future [pdf download]


Australian Research Council and 'Your Community Heritage Grant Program' results in Significance International news items

7 December 2015: SI cuts ARC grant analyses FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT

15 July 2015: ARC grants for collection related research down

30 November 2014: There's a problem with this November's ARC results

30 July 2014: A healthy $14 million for collection related research

15 December 2013: Bumper crop of 2014 ARC grants

8 July 2013: $7.5 million in new grant monies

14 April 2013: Over $8 million for university research

17 September 2012: $1.7M out of $9.8M ain't bad

20 July 2012: Nearly $10 million for nearly 30 projects

15 December 2011: Over $10 million for collections related research

22 June 2011:  $5 million in research grants awarded