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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The proposed Australian Heritage Strategy will provide direction for heritage in Australia for the next 10 years.

The Heritage Strategy Public Consultation has been well prepared as it presents nine Commissioned Essays. [1] These essays critique heritage ideologies of the last 30+ years, while presenting community views and data to support claims.   

To access the Australian Heritage Strategy Public Consultation webpage click here.

To read Significance International's submission to the Consultation click here.

The Significance International submission concurs with the general views of the Commissioned Essays about the dysfunction in the current heritage management system and encourages an approach to understanding and managing heritage that embraces 'connectedness' rather than 'otherness', and acknowledges heritage as process.  

[1] Please note that a tenth essay on Australia's geoheritage was commissioned after the National Heritage Strategy consultation began but the resulting paper was not available on the NHS website at the time the Significance International submission was prepared in earliest June 2012. It is safe to say that the points made in our submission about natural history and scientific collections, as well as movable cultural heritage more generally, apply equally to geological collections.

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