Over $8 million for university research

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Australian Research Council's last round of grants (November 2012) supported research of relevance to collecting organisations again - to the tune of $8 million. Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grants provide for physical structures at eligible organisations (universities and industry partners), while Discovery grants support the work of research teams or individuals. The Australian Research Council (ARC) awards and administers this scheme. Click here [download] to read about a selection of 22 grants relevant to the collections sector - most are being funded for 3 years from 2013.

In this round LIEF, Discovery Project, Discovery Indigenous, and Discovery Early Career Researcher grants were made, but no 'Linkage Projects'. [1] For more information on the grant types and breakdowns please visit the National Competitive Grants Program page of the ARC website. Thus the funding categories reported here are somewhat different in detail to previous funding rounds reported on this website. For news items about the earlier rounds see '$5 million in research grants awarded' (June 2011) and 'Over $10 million for collections related research' (November 2011 - includes Linkage, Discovery and LIEF results), and 'Nearly $10 million for nearly 30 projects' (July 2012). The overall value of grants in this round totals less than each of the last two rounds by around $2 million, with a proportionate drop in the number of projects supported.

The fields of study covered by these grants are genetics, evolutionary biology, nanotechnology, public health, human geography, archaeology, curatorial studies, policy and administration, library and information studies and systems, education, law, and environmental science.

The only national collecting organisation partnering in this round of research projects is the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). The other partners are State-based: Western Australian Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, South Australian Museum, Botanic Gardens of Adelaide and the State Herbarium of South Australia. There is a small number of industry partners in this round due to a predominance of Discovery awards, which don't require industry partners (unlike Linkage awards).

Congratulations to these grant winners. We look forward to benefiting from your work.

[1] The Linkage Grant rules were revised during this period. The revisions have led to new options for Hubs and Training Centres as well as increased opportunities to 'Humanities and Creative Arts' and women researchers.

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