Get your skates on for the Burra Charter Review!

Monday, June 24, 2013

This is only the second review of the seminal Burra Charter sinces its original publication in 1979.

Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) created this Charter to adapt the European approach represented in the 1964 Venice Charter to the Australian situation.

Much has been written about its open structure and explanation of the relationships of values and significance to places. The approach was influenced by awareness of Indigenous Australia and an egalitarianism which still typifies the worldview of Australians.

Click here to access the documents for Review, which include the Charter itself and three Practice Notes (which replace the former associated Guidelines). Scroll down to access the online survey for the submission of comments.

The Significance International submission highlights the potential confusion between the terms 'object' and 'related object', the general low profile of movable cultural heritage / collections in the documents (when place-based heritage practitioners generally regard objects as part of place and virtually no other such guidance or legislation exists for collections in Australia for them), and concern over the concept that values exist in fabric. We argue that values are projected by humans onto concepts, memories and substrates.

We also suggest that a wider list of references is now appropriate, including Significance 2.0: a guide for assessing the significance of collections, which was inspired by the Burra Charter but adapted to objects and collections. The Significance 2.0 methodology was recommended as the official Australian Government approach to assessing the significance of Australian objects and collections in the Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act (1986) and Regulations (1987) Review - the only specific national legislation concerning movable cultural heritage.

Shortly three remaining Practice Notes will be released, so we expect that the period for comment on these drafts will be extended beyond June.

Apologies for the late notice of this review.

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