$7.5 million in new grant monies

Monday, July 8, 2013

The final of two rounds of the Your Community Heritage Grant Program funded 61 collection related projects around the country, to a total value of $1.5 million (out of $9.49 million). Click here [download] to read which projects were funded - using the same criteria applied by Significance International in 2012.

This year there are far fewer projects funded under the 'Sharing Community Heritage Stories' strand, while three projects were funded under the 'Recovering from Natural Disasters' strand - unlike last year. Only one government department received funding this year (as opposed to five in 2012), but the overall reduction in numbers of projects selected from smaller organisations means that there is less diversity in the project pool this year. To compare the detail of this year's results with those from 2012 read the Significance International news item '$1.7m out of $9.8m ain't bad'.

Two 'Protecting National Historic Sites' strand projects increased the funding pool this year to near the total amount granted in 2012. Note: National Historic Sites are designated by the Australian Government and normally have their own annual $4 million+ fund. From 2014 these sites will still have access to these dedicated funds under their old grant scheme titles. Read more about the relationship between the different grants here.

The Australian Research Council 'Linkage Projects' Grant Program has recently funded 20 university and industry linked collections relevant research projects to a value of $6 million. These are the first Linkage Project funds announced for a year (usually there is a November round as well) while the Linkage Grant rules were revised. The revisions have led to new options for Hubs and Training Centres as well as increased opportunities to 'Humanities and Creative Arts' and women researchers.

The June 2013 Linkage Grant outcomes are of lesser value by $4 million than the bumper June 2012 awards for cultural heritage. See our July 2012 news item 'Nearly $10 million for nearly 30 projects' for detail on this.

No Commonwealth Government departments are partners in this round, and the South Australian Museum and Western Australian Botanical Gardens and Parks Authority feature most prominently amongst collecting organisation partners.

Areas of research range from the phenomenon of repatriation to Australia's Muslim architecture, and from lungfish to Indigenous record keeping and storytelling.

Click here [download] to read a list of the June 2013 projects funded, following Significance International's usual selection criteria.

Congratulations to all grant awardees, we hope to hear some of the results of your projects.

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